• Madinat Badr Phase 2 (Zone 4)
  • Madinat Badr Phase 2 (Zone 4)
  • Madinat Badr Phase 2 (Zone 4)

Madinat Badr Phase 2 (Zone 4)


Dubai , UAE


Containing over 1,000 residential units and a built up area of over 250,000 square metres, this project forms the second phase of Madinat Badr, a grand masterplan by Dubai Islamic Bank. Several preprescribed parameters dictated aspects such as building height, GFA and an architectural language featuring Italian and Spanish themes. A key challenge was balancing the needs of the themed language – with varying window types – and the requirements of the residential units, such as natural light provision. This was achieved through a continuous exploration of elevation possibilities coupled with extensive studies of unit orientation and layout planning.

The rhythm of the elevations were enlivened by defining lower floors with contrasting materials and creating varying window designs and sizes, as well as varying roof treatments. Materials were intended as stone cladding at the lower floors, stucco paint as the field colour of the massing, painted GRC for the window architraves and detail features, and clay tiles for the sloped roofs.

In addition to residential buildings and townhouses, a nursery was required as part of the community, and was designed in a themed language to complement the styles of the buildings. Landscaped courtyards are contained within the 16 buildings to encourage outdoor activity and provide a healthy community environment.