Waldorf Astoria

Doha, Qatar - 2014 - In Construction

Lacasa’s design of the Waldorf Astoria in Doha’s West Bay remains true to the fabled Art Deco hotel in New York. This was achieved through an expression of the tower’s verticality, combined with an attention to ornamental detail. Subtle differences in the tower’s profile give the impression of a stepped form, a key feature of Art Deco buildings.

The glamour of the early 1930s is further evoked by details such as fluted columns, brass elements, ornamental screens and a copper-colored, lightweight dome. To maintain a pristine but authentic aesthetic, Lacasa’s designers specified an off-white limestone as the main cladding material. The tight plot presented several planning challenges; for example, the accommodation of separate ramps for the various functions, such as the loading bay and valet parking. Throughout the tower, our designers used several methods for saving space and providing flexibility.