The Palace Residences

Amman, Jordan - 2012 - Completed

The site context of this residential project had a considerable impact on the design in two different ways. First, an existing villa existed on the plot, and though the villa was devoid of any historical value, the surrounding neighborhood was classified by the authorities as a ‘heritage district’. For such planning regulation reasons, it was essential in the clients view to provide a design that respected the historical nature of the district, and design wise this was conceived by adopting a suitable architectural language of a classical nature

The second was the nature of the product itself, in which the residential building was to cater to the high end living standards and with a high luxury level. With extravagant detailing of Jordanian stone being culturally conceived and associated in the city of Amman as a product of luxury, the choice of a roan classical language was therefore a logical language to adopt.  With this said, however, the designer had a strong inclination, even if with subtle indication, to relate the design to today’s contemporary language.

Therefore a choice of a classical architectural style – infused with contemporary touches- was carefully selected to create a sense of a refurbished historical building. Various details, such as stainless steel handrails, Minimalistic light fittings, & glass canopies, tend to bridge the classical building across time to today’s modern living.

With the exterior cladded with the renowned Jordanian stone, and with an abundance of carved details and overall elegance, today’s living standards were highly expressed with the use of clear glass, panoramic frameless entrances, and subtle color tones.