New Warehouse Project

Sudan - 2012 - Design Completed

The project consists of a warehouse building, office building, an outdoor area for maneuvering and towers storage, built on a plot area of of 20,000 m2.

The function of the warehouse, as a whole, is basically for storage purposes. Alternatively, it can be divided into independent small storage areas by using moving panels or any other smart solution to fulfill such a function.

The warehouse, at an approximate built-up area of 10,000 m2, includes within its premises, a G+M+1 level area to serve as dispatch/receiving and inspection function for the warehouse. In addition, the warehouse includes areas dedicated for mobile phones storage with an approximate BUA 2,700 m2.

The G+3 storey office building is designed to have the ground floor area catering for the services and battery storage, whereas the typical floors are designed for multi-functions such as a production area, show room, and offices.

As for the outdoor and maneuvering area, the open yard designed is dedicated for the maneuvering of trucks, loading/unloading, and outdoor storage for the towers or any other items that could be stored outdoors. The outdoor area also consists of underground services, water tanks, and guard rooms.