Dubai Wharf

Dubai, UAE - 2013 - In Construction

This high-profile mega project for Dubai Properties on Dubai Creek called for a contemporary mixed-used scheme that alludes to the Emirate’s heritage. Cultural references are subtle and refrain from pastiche, with highly abstract interpretations of traditional architectural elements such as wind towers and Mashrabiyas. The design team created seven types of façade which were juxtaposed in carefully selected locations to achieve an artistic composition.

The complex’s nine buildings contain apartments and a shopping mall below, with entrances, cores and major nodes demarked by the wind towers. Built on sloping land in the form of a crescent, the site’s topography also contributes to the varied character of the development. With a material palette consisting of glass, two different types of stone, and aluminium cladding that resembles timber, our designers created a contemporary aesthetic that simultaneously evokes a strong feeling of culture and heritage.