DAMAC Waterfront

Qatar - 2013 - Concept Completed

Commissioned by Damac, a key challenge for the hotel apartment project in Lusail was to maximize views of the beach and sea, while only using 50% glazing on the elevation as stipulated by the area’s regulations. In response, the LACASA team utilized a triangle-shaped design, with a curved wall, to ensure full beach views. The contemporary design language was influenced by the client and site requirements – the seafront location required a light elevation with plentiful balconies. A white, blue and brown color scheme befits the nautical theme, with the material palette comprising glazing, aluminium composite, paint and louvers.

Compositionally, the facades feature interlaced layers at various levels, with the highest point marked by a communications antenna. The podium, located in front of the water, contains townhouses, larger apartments and a swimming pool on its roof. The ground floor features restaurants with all-day dining, and separate entrances to the lobby and parking. Our designers needed to find an elegant solution for the thin back elevation, mainly occupied by the core. As it was inappropriate to include openings, we used horizontal louvers to break the mass into two elements.